New Yorker's 'Talk of the Town': How Does It Get Made? (VIDEO)

Ever wonder how The New Yorker determines what's written about in their famous "Talk of the Town" columns?

Well, lucky for you, a new video featuring actual staff members of The New Yorker addresses just that. And it's pretty informative too!

As they tell it, the New Yorker team sits around with "The Most Interesting Man In The World" from the Dos Equis commercials, and he tells them if their ideas are interesting or not.

Not interesting? "Chestnuts," stories that have been around forever.

By contrast, "eccentric starlets and death-defying stunts" are interesting.

So where does that leave gossip columnist Cindy Adams? Or, for that matter, cats?

"Although some may regard Cindy Adams as a chestnut, in fact, Cindy Adams is always interesting," the magazine claims. Unfortunately, "no cats."

Watch the video—complete with David Remnick and Hendrik Hertzberg cameos!—below.