New Yorkers Actually Like Times Square, and More Surprising Results From Zagat's Survey


To find out what people really think about one of Manhattan's most popular and high-profile attractions, Zagat surveyed recent visitors to the neighborhood to find out what people think about the so-called Crossroads of the World. One big takeaway? It ends up that the neighborhood that New Yorkers love to hate -- or at least, love to complain about -- has more fans than enemies.
Rogue Elmos Are Bad, the Crowds Are Far Worse
Of the visitors who were dissatisfied with their visit in Times Square, we found that the general "crowdedness" of the area was by far, the most irritating factor. (Jump back three decades, and the answer would be far different.) Still, all of our surveyors agreed: Fewer guys hawking comedy tickets and less Spider-Men hassling for tips would make visiting Times Square a far more pleasant experience.

Broadway Shows Are Still Times Square's No. 1 Attraction
Despite restaurant openings like the celebrity-magnet steakhouse Hunt & Fish Club and new flagship stores from watch brands Skagen and Citizen Watch, Times Square's biggest draw is the theater. (In fact, 2014 set records for attendance and grosses on Broadway.) When those theatergoers want to eat or drink, they are a captive audience: 80% report staying in the area for pre- or posttheater dining.


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