New Yorkers: An Appeal

New Yorkers: This Tuesday's Democratic Primary gives you the opportunity to alter history and actualize an ideological shift away from fear and false comfort toward human dignity and endurance. It is a big responsibility, but your state does not lack courage. I am not being hyperbolic, but to some extent, the future of "us" depends on you. And, as a 31 year-old white male with a corporate marketing job, I am begging you to vote for Bernie Sanders. I would like, maybe, to have a child someday.

Environmental crises are looming and, at this point, imminent. The only remaining question is whether humans are capable of, or willing to, change long-held norms in order to mitigate these crises enough to survive. On Tuesday you are not being asked: Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders?; but: Do you think living is a worthwhile endeavor and an experience you would wish for future generations? If your answer is no you should vote for Hillary Clinton. That vote will bring a continuance of status quo politics, while offering the potential for incremental, piece-meal policy change. And for older individuals that might be permissible. But many of us have a lot of time left on this planet and realize our environment, along with much of our infrastructure, is in free fall. A vote for Hillary Clinton is equivalent to throwing the parachute 200 feet from impact. Still, some consider that a safe move, and I certainly understand why: You know Hillary, and she knows the game. She's been in establishment politics a long time and has done some very good things. She is a solid politician. Yet, the hour is now too late for any politician beholden to the interests of the corporate and financial sectors to affect the philosophical change called for. The naysayers, doubters, privilege-clutchers and hate mongers may say what they will, but it is inarguable that Bernie Sanders is a great human being. This is agreed upon not only by the best people I know and millions of small donors like me, but by the Pope and nature itself--as manifested in a lectern-alighting finch. The man has a compassion for what it means to be alive; is a once in a lifetime candidate and crusader for environmental and economic justice. Please accept the good, transcend fear and doubt, and make him our president. Anyone with a wit of perceptual acuity who has watched the Democratic debates can see the gap in sincerity between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. One seems forced, awkward, a note out of step with the rhythm, weighing again each already chewed-over word as she speaks. The other seems propelled by the very cadence of being, and appeals to our best nature and inclinations. Can you not feel it in your gut as he speaks, sense the ripe air of possibility? Say Yes. Heed the words and the man that buoys the spirit and say no to "But it's always been this way." "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." It was Einstein who wrote these words; he too, was a great human--one who changed our conception of space and time. Let Bernie Sanders now change our conception of what politics and this country can be. Say Yes, New York. The faith of so many depends upon your best and bravest self.