#NoDisrespectToNewYorkers... But You Can Do Better On Instagram

Hey New Yorkers, I hear it has already started snowing there, sleet even. I also read that the wind is blowing at full gusto, which can't be good for all that trash lying around. Just wondering, where are those photos on Instagram? Where was all the rain you had this summer, and the rats in the subway?

"...[rolls eyes at me]..."

That's what I thought.

A lot of people misunderstand the concept of Instagram, but I really think New Yorkers are the most bemused. Instagram is supposed to be creative, spontaneous imagery, primarily recording rare moments, abstract thinking or unusual observations. It's not supposed to be documenting everything you see. It's also not supposed to be documenting everything you see from different angles.

New Yorkers seem fascinated by their daily commutes, however, and thus, feel compelled to take pictures of every brownstone they pass. Or maybe it's the same brownstone with the sun hitting at various positions -- I can't really tell. Oh, and those skyscraper pictures you guys keep gramming, turns out they're the same pictures I used to get on postcards my friends sent me in middle school. I also worked in one. It's as if you're tourists. But you're not.

So, yeah.

To spare us all more building photos, I'm offering a few quick thoughts for you overly aggressive NYC Instagrammers. Please consider them next time before you snap another shot of a crowd walking through Grand Central Station at "#rushhour."

Hopefully they will also benefit the people on the sidewalk whose trek you're undoubtedly hindering:

1) You might not realize this, but you're all posting the exact same image of the Empire State Building, and yes, we're aware they light it up in different colors periodically.

2) During the three weeks out of the year it's actually nice outside, there's an excessive posting of trees with leaves, shadows on buildings, and clouds. Sorry, but you're not fooling anyone.

3) Obscure photos of train tracks are never interesting.

4) Subway entrances are even worse.

5) Everywhere you eat doesn't need to be documented.

6) We still recognize the brownstone, even with the black and white filter.

7) Wait, are people walking around in Columbus Circle? No way! I can't believe it!

8) Some graffiti is cool. Not all graffiti.

9) We've all seen the damn tree.

10) Shooting buildings diagonally, tilted up at an angle doesn't make them not boring.

11) You can get cupcakes in any city.

12) It's a fucking bridge.

13) No need to divide the park up into picture boxes.

14) Did you go to the museum just to Instagram?

15) I heard the news this week about the World Trade Center. Control yourself.

16) We get it -- you love New York.

And I'm really happy that you do. I promise I am.

All I'm asking, New Yorkers, is that you either honestly document the city, including the trash bags that get buried for months under the snow when the blizzard hits, or quit clogging up my feed with propaganda.

That said, who cares what I think? I post pictures of alcoholic beverages.