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New York's Best Alternative Escape for Summer 2014

If you love to explore or collect art and happen to be in NYC this summer, a private tour of Waterfall Mansion should be a priority.
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If you love to explore or collect art and happen to be in NYC this summer, a private tour of Waterfall Mansion should be a priority.

The must-see New York City art exhibition is "Summer Art Festival 2014: FEEL LIFE," co-curated by real estate developer-turned-art promoter Kate Shin and Italian art critic Alessandro Berni.

Hosted at Shin's majestic seven-level Upper East Side townhouse, known as Waterfall Mansion, Summer Art Festival 2014 is fast becoming one of the top attractions for international jetsetters and culture-savvy art lovers from around the world.

Gallerist and Waterfall Mansion Owner Kate Shin
Photo by Mark Roskams

This year's "FEEL LIFE" exhibition features works from rising stars, such as Jae Yong Kim whose amazing ceramic doughnuts are priced under $1000, alongside masterpieces by Takeshi Murakami, Andy Warhol, and Robert Indiana.

"Blah Blah Blah" 2014 By Jae Yong Kim
Photo by Teri Johnson

Waterfall Mansion presents this eclectic mix of contemporary art in an exquisite modern manor that is an architectural marvel unto itself, complimented by elegant pieces of designer furniture, couture fashion, and whimsical sculptures that give the entire collection a "lived with" feeling unlike any gallery or museum setting I've ever experienced.

Photo by Mark Roskams

Alternative Escapes -- My Inside Guide to the NYC Art Scene

I was invited to Waterfall Mansion's "FEEL LIFE" black-tie opening by Ian OSullivan, Founder of Alternative Escapes, a concierge travel planning company for people seeking deeper access into the world's most authentic and vibrant pockets of local culture.

The travel experiences organized by Alternative Escapes range from living with native tribes in the Amazon to shopping for contemporary art in places like Waterfall Mansion, but always with a focus on uniqueness and novelty.

"We provide travelers with inside access to cultural experiences and private social events that most tourists aren't able to access on their own" says OSullivan.

OSullivan's background as a fine art photographer and avid art collector made him the perfect guide to help me better appreciate the variety of more than 150 original works on display.

Teri Johnson with Ian OSullivan at the "FEEL LIFE" black-tie opening

The Waterfall Mansion -- An Art Lovers Dream Home

I have been to museums and galleries around the world, but I've never seen such an interesting and varied range of art hung in a modern NYC home. The art looks and feels vastly different in this environment and adds so much life and energy to the space.

Photo by Mark Roskams

In addition to Shin's talent as a gallerist, she is also passionate about identifying and promoting new artists from around the world and helping art enthusiasts find compelling new works.

"My vision for Waterfall Mansion was to create an incubator for innovative collaboration within the contemporary art market" says Shin.

Waterfall Mansion became famous for its 23-foot indoor cascading waterfall, one of the largest residential waterfalls in the world.

The real magic happens during each exhibition, when the waterfall becomes the backdrop for a two-story sculpture garden that allows the world's greatest sculptors and installation artists to push their creative limits -- which is precisely what any true art lover really wants to see.

Photo by Kris Tamburello

To request a private tour of Waterfall Mansion contact Alternative Escapes at +1 917 518 3535 or inquire at