New York Subway Performers Project: Help Capture and Map The City's Street Talent (VIDEO)

While subway systems outside of New York might be cleaner and break down less often -- and let's be honest, most of them do -- few are as filled with music and dance. We want to pay tribute to the subway performers who make the tunnels under this city more than the sum of their deteriorating parts, and we need your help. We'll be spending the next few weeks collecting video documentation of subway performers throughout the city.

To get an idea of what we're looking for, check out these videos of gymnasts tumbling expertly through a moving subway car and an accordion-erhu duo that doesn't stop for anything (skip to a minute in for lightning-fast playing). The last video is Larry Wright, one of New York's best bucket-drummers, plus his family. His daughters are going to rule the junior high mixers.

Are there any special performers you see on your commute? Amazing dancers, talented musicians, or the just plain bizarre? Help highlight your favorite subway performers by capturing them on video and uploading it below.

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