New Zealand Earthquake 2011: Tsunami Warning Issued Following 7.8 Magnitude Quake (UPDATE)

The U.S. Geological Survey is reporting a 7.8 magnitude earthquake off the coast of New Zealand, in the Kermadec Islands region.

Though the quake has apparently occurred at a depth of 29.8 miles.

A tsunami warning has been issued for New Zealand, the Kermadec Islands and Tonga.


According to the AP, no tsunami warning was issued, despite earlier reports:

NEW YORK — A powerful magnitude-7.8 earthquake rattled New Zealand's remote Kermadec Islands in the Pacific Ocean, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

The Kermadec Islands are a remote outpost that are generally uninhabited aside from a weather station and a hostel for visiting New Zealand scientists.

The 7:03 a.m. Thursday (1903 GMT Wednesday) quake was 29.8 miles (48 kilometers) deep, the USGS said. No tsunami alert was issued.

The Kermadecs are about 570 miles (920 kilometers) south of Tonga, the nearest major island.