New Zealand Leader Embraces 'Truth', U.S. President Ignores

There would be no better way for President Bush to commemorate the tragedy of Katrina than to arrange to seetoday.
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In the United States, the world's biggest contributor of global warming pollution, our president has publicly refused to see the documentary film Americans are flocking to see, An Inconvenient Truth.

Compare that to New Zealand's Prime Minister, Helen Clark, who recently made a point to view An Inconvenient Truth during the Wellington Film Festival. Not only was she moved by it, but she immediately arranged a screening for the entire New Zealand Parliament and government officials, scheduled for next week.

Other world leaders and dignitaries have made time to see the film, including Prince Charles, who has scheduled a special screening for UK business leaders next month. The Prince of Wales believes "climate change is the greatest challenge facing us all." Talk about getting it.

We all need to urge our elected officials -- our mayors, our governors, our senators, and our president -- to go see this movie. Our government should be leading the effort to fight global warming, not ignoring it.

The world will be watching An Inconvenient Truth when it opens internationally this September. There's no better way for President Bush to commemorate the tragedy of Katrina than to see this film now.

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