'Win a Divorce': New Zealand Man Plans To Break Up With Wife Over The Radio

New Zealand Man Plans To Dump Wife On The Radio

A quick listen to the radio around Valentine's Day proves there's no shortage of Romeos looking to dedicate a slow jam to the one they love.

But next week -- on V-Day -- a New Zealand man plans to use the airwaves for a darker purpose: to tell his unsuspecting wife that he wants a divorce, the Herald Sun reports.

The man, identified only as a 31-year-old named Sam, is the winner of New Zealand radio station The Rock's "Win a Divorce" contest.

In exchange for the on-air divorce announcement, the radio station will provide Sam with a free divorce, provided there are no children involved.

The Rock has been dodging criticism from family groups since announcing the radio stunt, which the station claims is aimed at "poor blokes" who married "Satan in a dress."

"Divorces are difficult enough, but to cheapen it to a radio stunt is tacky," Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ, said in a statement. "The radio station is simply feeding off the misery of others. They are willing to pay for the divorce -- will they also pay for the counseling which may be required as a result of this stunt?"

It's not the first time The Rock has run into controversy over its Valentine's Day programming. Last year, the station sponsored a "Win a Wife" contest, which gave the winner a membership to a Ukrainian matchmaking site.

According to Australian newspaper the Courier-Mail, The Rock's station manager has no plans to nix this year's controversial segment.

Sam won't be the first man to make a public divorce declaration. In 2008, a man at a Saudi Arabian mall grabbed a cashier's microphone and announced that he was divorcing his wife, after he found a slip of paper in her purse with another man's phone number on it.

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