New RSS, Twitter Feeds and Email Updates

We are excited to share some minor changes involving our RSS feeds, Twitter and email updates that we hope will make life a little easier for our regular readers.

RSS - As you may know, we have a variety of RSS feeds set up -- all available here -- that allow you to read blog entries using RSS readers like Google Reader or FeedDemon. We upgraded the process we use to produce these feeds in a way that is mostly invisible except that the feeds should update a little more quickly than before. The new feeds do use a new URL, so if you are reading this entry via one of our previously RSS feeds, it would be a good idea to resubscribe now using one of the links below, as we will shut off the old ones in a few weeks.

Twitter - Since many are starting to use Twitter in lieu of RSS, we have also set up some new automated Twitter feeds that feed a headline and a link for every new blog post on Details on the specific options below, followed by links to each feed.

Email Updates - If neither Twitter nor RSS are your thing, starting today, you can also sign up for a daily email update that will deliver links to our most recent posts. You can subscribe using the links in the table below right now or via our RSS/Twitter page.

Feed Options - We have set up these RSS, Twitter and email feeds for a variety of different categories of blog content. "All content" gets you everything posted to "Poll updates" includes only the brief posts on the latest polls. "Analysis" gets you everything but the poll updates from all of our contributors.   

We also have automated RSS and email alerts specific to individual authors. The four Twitter accounts listed here for yours truly, Charles Franklin, Steve Lombardo and Kristen Soltis are personal accounts that can and will include commentary beyond what you see posted here.

Follow us on RSS, automated Twitter, or email alerts:

All Content: RSS, Email alerts, Twitter
Poll Updates: RSS, Email alerts, Twitter
Analysis (No Poll Updates): RSS, Email alerts, Twitter

Blog Author RSS, Email alerts, and personal Twitter:

Mark Blumenthal: RSS, Email alerts, Twitter
Charles Franklin: RSS, Email alerts, Twitter
Margie Omero: RSS, Email alerts
David Moore: RSS, Email alerts
Steve Lombardo: RSS, Email alerts, Twitter
Brian Schaffner: RSS, Email alerts
Kristen Soltis: RSS, Email alerts, Twitter
Brendan Nyhan: RSS, Email alerts
Robert Moran: RSS, Email alerts
Guest Pollster: RSS, Email alerts

If you have any questions, comments or complaints about these feeds, please drop us an email or leave a comment below.