Newborn Baby Rescued By Hero Dog In Ghana

A dog who saved an abandoned newborn baby in Ghana is being hailed as a hero.

According to the Ghana News Agency, the two-week-old baby girl was found under a bridge in Ghana's Bolgatanga district snuggled up next to her canine rescuer.

The two were discovered by a search party that had been convened by the dog's worried owner after the pooch had failed to return home.

"The dog was trying to protect the baby," Hannah Zemp-Tapang, the Ghana News Agency reporter who first reported the story, told The Huffington Post. "She's a female dog. It must be her mothering instinct."

Zemp-Tapang said the story of the hero dog was an "unusual" one, but it was also reminiscent of a local legend that began circulating "many, many years ago."

"Within my ethnic group, it is believed that one of our ancestors was protected that way. It is a legend that a baby was alone at home when one of the roofs set on fire. A dog in the house took the baby by its mouth and brought it to safety," she said.

The incident was brought to light by Madam Rosemary Azure, a district health director in Ghana. Azure brought the baby -- who is currently in the custody of a local health directorate -- with her to a ceremony celebrating the launch of two vaccines.

According to Azure, the infant, whose umbilical cord had been poorly cut and was suffering from an infection, had likely been the child of a teenage mother.

Note: The photo of a baby used by Ghana News Agency is not of the actual child who was rescued. Reporter Hannah Zemp-Tapang said a photo of the baby girl has yet to become available.