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Newborn Falls In Toilet: Mother Cai Qulin Delivers Baby In Bathroom

A newborn girl survived getting trapped in a toilet pit after being delivered in a public bathroom in China.

Cai Qulin, the 36-year-old mom from Henan province, went into labor early on Saturday afternoon nine days ahead of her due date. Before going to the hospital, she needed to use a restroom, reported.

But while she was answering nature's call in a public restroom, another bodily function demanded her attention. It was time for the baby to be born.

Unexpectedly and unfortunately, the baby girl was born as Qulin squatted above the loo. The child fell into the pit and became stuck.

Zhang Tao, Cai's husband, called the police and emergency medical help, according to China Daily.

"The rescuers could see the baby and hear her crying sometimes in the pit," a representative from the Chaoyang district fire brigade told China Daily. "They broke the nearby pits by hand so they could reach the girl without endangering her."

It took rescuers 30 minutes to remove the cover. Rescuer Li Gang jumped in and lifted the baby out, telling the paper that the girl "seemed a little pale and stiff."

Qulin and child were taken to a nearby hospital, and while mother was discharged a few hours later, the as-yet unnamed child was kept for further observation.

Qulin's sister-in-law, Zhang Zhenghua, said both the new mother and the new baby are expected to be fine despite the experience.

"My sister-in-law and niece are both OK now. As soon as doctor permits it, we'll bring the baby home," Zhenghua told China Daily.

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