Newborn Goat Climbs Her First Rock And Breaks Adorbs Meter

She had us at maaahhhh!

What did you do a few days after being born? Cry? Poop? Act all helpless?

Violet the goat isn't having it, despite difficult circumstance. Born prematurely on Jan. 25, she was rejected by her mother and had to be bottle-fed every few hours, the Catskill Animal Sanctuary told The Huffington Post. But in her "first day in the big world," she got outfitted in a cute shirt and set the world on fire.

In the viral video above, she runs, climbs a rock and makes the entire Internet ooh and aah.

One YouTuber summed it up best: "I'm pretty sure you have to be Satan to dislike this video."

Hell, we think even ol' Lucifer would love this one.

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