Newcastle's Shadow Billboard Is 'So Visually Arresting That It Blows You Away' (VIDEO)

How many beer-advertising billboards do you pass in a typical week? Probably a lot -- whether you walk around city streets or drive along highways, they're all but inescapable. How many of those billboards, though, would you describe as "so visually arresting that it blows you away"? Probably none, unless you've been to San Diego this August.

That's because the Southern California city is the first host of a daring new billboard for Newcastle beer. The company commissioned two New York shadow artists to assemble stacks of Newcastle tops into such a formation that it casts a shadow in the shape of a man grasping for a picture of a bottle of beer. The shadow, which is generated by a single light source, is only visible at night.

Watch the video below for more details, and to meet the designers, one of whom is the one to call the billboard "visually arresting."