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"Don't Feel Bad If You Failed Math," Caption For Women's T-Shirt Says (PHOTO, POLL)

First we had JCPenney's "I'm Too Pretty to Do Math" tee, and then Forever 21's "Allergic to Algebra" shirt also insulted smart women everywhere. And now some are saying there's a holy trinity of maybe-sexist tees, with this new offering from designer The Addison Story, as spotted by the Daily Mail.

The silk tee, which as of writing time is still available on, costs $112 and is accompanied by the caption: "Just because you failed 11th grade math class doesn’t mean you can’t bring some geometry into your life with this Tetris print blouse."

Life:Curated and The Addison Story are two separate entities, so it's not entirely clear where the caption originated. Interestingly, New York Magazine's fashion blog, The Cut, featured the item --as sold by Life:Curated-- in its "Best Bets" column yesterday without mention of the caption.

While the shirt's caption is annoying, we don't think it's as egregious as JCPenney and Forever 21's more explicit anti-math tees from earlier this year. JCPenney's "I"m Too Pretty to Do Math" shirt got shelved after media uproar about its potentially-sexist message:

And Forever 21's "Allergic to Algebra" tee was

Read more of the story at the Daily Mail and vote now in our poll: are people overreacting to this shirt?

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