Even before the guest list for an engagement party is put together, you can bring many blessings to your marriage by blessing your engagement ring.
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Happy New Year! And, if you just got engaged, Mazel Tov and congratulations!

After every holiday season, a new crop of to-be-weds begin to plan their weddings. And I hear the exciting tales of well-planned proposals, many executed with great care, flare, and sentiment.

These stories have one thing in common: there is usually a ring involved.


Even before the guest list for an engagement party is put together, you can bring many blessings to your marriage by blessing your engagement ring.

"I saw the ring as both a jewel and a symbol of the strength of our union and I felt more powerful wearing it," says Janine, who tried some of the tips below. "Whether metal or jewel, the ring shines with possibility. I often said to people, if this ring could find me and weave my life together with a man I love and adore ... anything is possible. My engagement was very upbeat because my ring helped me meet new friends, make conversation with just about anybody and generate a lot of love."

Bless Your Ring, and Your Marriage

A lovely way to celebrate your engagement -- and related bling -- is to have a ring blessing ceremony.

Invite some of your favorite friends to dinner or tea and ask them to help you start your marriage out right by blessing your engagement ring. It can be a girl's night, or women and men you trust and adore.

Gather in a sacred circle. Ask everyone to bring themselves into the circle by saying, "My name is ____, friend of (your name). I am here to offer my blessings, good wishes and my love."

Say a Prayer. Create a sacred environment for the blessing with a prayer. Ask for what you want and need from Divine Grace and from your friends, i.e.: May my marriage to be blessed in all ways ... May I be relaxed and feel supported through my wedding planning journey ... May I honor my relationship with my beloved ... May this ring shine a light on my new path ...

Pass the ring around the circle. The ring itself represents the circle of life, of love, of eternity. Passing it around a circle to be blessed re-enforces its meaning. Place the ring in a small, pretty box or pass it hand to hand and ask everyone to hold the ring and "charge it" with their love and good wishes for your marriage and a blessing that your wedding planning experience be smooth and joyous.

Empower your single friends. Newly engaged couples have a special presence, power and allure. Invite friends to cast an eye upon the shiny, sparkly diamond (or whatever the stone) as you bear witness to their wish for true love. It is a generous way to share that "I'm getting married feeling" in a way that will bring joy to others, too.

Make Every Glance at Your Ring Count

No one can resist a look at new engagement ring and we are all warmed by the excitement and joy of the one who is wearing it. Instead of just flashing it, why not transform the experience into a brief ritual you can repeat over and over again. This will enforce positive feelings and a sense of joy.

Go within and be grateful. Every time you extend your hand to show someone your lovely ring, poise for a moment to count your blessings, and reflect quietly on the happiness and excitement you feel and about the love you share. This helps to empower you to (stay in) a state of grace by maintaining an attitude of gratitude

Ask people to bless your marriage. Since so many friends and loved ones will joyfully take hold of your hand as they seek a closer look at your ring, ask them for their blessings ... their good wishes ... or to share a bit of wisdom and love that will empower your married life. It can be spontaneous and relaxed; something that will make you glow with pride as it makes those who offer their blessings feel they are contributing to your happiness.

Soak in the sunny rays of a smile. Consider it a blessing every time someone smiles as they look at your ring and hear of your engagement. Feel the spirit of love that is energizing you and empowering you as you move forward in establishing your wedding plans.

Share the Wealth. Take on the mantle of someone who is pro-marriage, positive about relationships and who believes that love can be just around the corner for anyone, at any time. This can inspire every single person who longs for love when they see your happiness up close.

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