These Videos Of News Anchors Performing 'Let It Go' Are Getting Out Of Control

People all around the country are obsessed with singing "Let It Go,' the Oscar-winning song from Disney's new animated film, "Frozen." And for good reason -- the song is amazing. But now even news anchors are joining the choir, and it's getting out of control.

WKRC, a CBS affiliate, was perhaps the first to start the trend in February when anchor Bob Herzog turned "Let It Go" into a song about struggling to get through the dangerously cold, icy winter conditions. Other news teams have since followed suit with their own renditions.

We're warning you: these are incredibly painful to watch.

Cincinnati, WKR-C anchor Bob Herzog:

ABC affiliate WTEN news team:

No one here is singing in tune. No one.

WGN Chicago anchor Dan Ponce then took it to a whole new level on Monday with his R-rated version of the song, which includes the line, "don't let them know, you f*cking hate the snow. Let it go!"

Did he really just add a curse word to one of the most beautifully written Disney songs perhaps of all time?

We warned you.

(h/t: TVSpy)



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