These Enthusiastic News Anchors Entertain Themselves With An Intricate Handshake

Ever wonder what news anchors do during commercial breaks? Well, these two entertain themselves in a way that's positively delightful: with a glorious, intricate handshake.

Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange, of Chicago's WGN News, have been anchoring together for about 20 years, and they've been doing this handshake since the early 2000s, though their list of moves has grown over time.

When a 2009 clip of their routine went viral again recently, they filmed this new version, showing their entire handshake, as it exists today. Currently, their routine is so long that it takes two commercial breaks to complete.

But where do they get inspiration for their additions? The news, of course. A post by WGN News notes many of their moves represent events or trends that have made headlines over time. For example, the newer moves in this longer handshake include a shoutout to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the notorious “Gangnam Style” dance.

One thing is for certain with these two: Practice makes perfect.

Visit WGN News to learn more about their story.

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