News (From Sweden) You Can Use (At 5 a.m.)


And the unofficial winner of the Al Gore Nobel Peace Prize Email Alert-Off is....AlertNet! They clocked in with the first email announcing the former Veep's win at 5:10 am (11:10 am Swedish time) — which means they and anyone else who came in before 6:27 am beat out Swedish paper Dagens Nyheter, which posted the news at 12:27 pm over there ("Al Gore och FN-organ får dela på årets fredspris!"). The above screengrab is taken from the email of HuffPo Deputy Blog Editor Henry Seltzer — known in certain rarefied circles as "Henry The Intern" but known to me as the guy with all the answers all the time, and clearly the guy on all the best email alert lists. Interestingly, my NYT email came in at 5:15 am and his came in at 5:30 am, while my CNN alert was at 5:53 am — later than his 5:29 am alert but earlier than his 6:29 alert. Hmmm. Though obviously most news orgs led with Al Gore, most mentioned that he was a joint recipient with the U.N. Climate Panel (not to diss the U.N. Climate Panel, but it's not like they have an Oscar). At any rate, in case you were wondering who the most aggressive email alert-er is — for that breaking news from Sweden that you MUST KNOW NOW — the good folks at AlertNet seem to be what you're looking for. FYI!

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