Australian News Helicopter Spots Shark Near Surfers

This brings public service journalism to a whole new level.

A group of young surfers in Australia were spared what could have been a close encounter with a great white shark this past weekend, thanks to the crew of an Australian news helicopter.

The 7 News chopper was flying above a junior surfing competition at Byron Bay, New South Wales, on Saturday when the crew spotted the 13-foot shark. They flew low and motioned to surfers while authorities cleared the water and tracked the shark until it left the area.

"We got down low and signaled for surfers to head to shore," 7 News reporter Katrina Blowers tweeted. "Shark was heading straight for kids on their boards."

A 32-year-old bodyboarder was attacked by a shark at a beach about 16 miles south of Byron Bay on Thursday, just two days before this close call. On Friday, a man was knocked off his board by a shark at another area beach, but escaped unharmed, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.