News Producer Chased By Turkey Until Saved By Mail Truck

"I would not want to be the people living here," said News10 Sacramento producer Duffy Kelly following her narrow escape from a wild turkey.

According to News10, she was visiting the Arden area of Sacramento to investigate reports of "wild turkeys chasing down joggers".

But right after she approached a turkey in the neighborhood, the turkey began chasing her. And it just wouldn't let up.

It seemed like there was no escape. She screamed at the turkey to "Go away! Go away! Go awaaaay!" but the turkey didn't listen, continuing to follow her undeterred.

Luckily, a mail truck pulled up next to her, slowing the turkey's pursuit, leaving her with just enough time to get into the safety of her car.

She isn't the first person to be bothered by a wild turkey.

YouTube features plenty of other turkey attacks like this video of turkey approaching a car.

And this video about turkeys attacking mailmen in Michigan.