From Top TV Newscaster To Rehab, Unemployment, And Jail

How did a journalist, who says she was mentored by Diane Sawyer and Connie Chung, go from being a three-time Emmy-winning TV news reporter to a drunken, unemployed mom who spent 10 nights in jail?

"It's embarrassing, ridiculous," Christi O'Connor tells Dr. Phil. "Because of my drinking, I've gone from leading national network investigative reporter to no job and sleeping in a bush."

In the video above, she explains what she believes led her to start taking Oxycodone daily and drinking up to a bottle of wine before bed.

On Monday's Dr. Phil, Christi hopes to face her estranged daughters for the first time in two years. But is she really ready to get clean? Click here to see more from this show.

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