News Roundup For April 19, 2017

What is happening to this world?

1. Jon Ossoff fell short of straight up winning a Georgia congressional seat yesterday, but is still in the running to win. If he does, it’ll reeeeeally piss off Trump. More here.

2. Asylum applications to Mexico have surged since Trump’s election. Let’s move south and get us some horchata and carnitas, fam. More here.

3. Convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez hanged himself in prison. That’s one way to get out of a life sentence. More here.

4. Syrian evacuations have resumed after Saturday’s horrific attack which killed 126 people. More here.

5. Las Vegas has become the first city in the United States to have clean syringe-dispensing vending machines. Now if you shoot heroin in Vegas… it stays in Vegas? We don’t know. More here.