News Roundup for April 7, 2017

I mean, you should probably already know all this, but here we go...

1. Trump ordered a missile attack on Syria late on Thursday evening. It appears it was supported by other ally nations. Trump’s pal Putin is not happy about it. More here.

2. Twitter is suing the government to protect one of the alt-government accounts from being identified. Twitter ain’t letting no Big Brother shit go down this time. More here.

3. Insurers say Obamacare customers are “sicker and costlier than expected.” In a logic-defying move, they want to pull out of the program. More here.

4. Another abuse scandal broke in Seattle involving longtime mayor, Ed Murray. More here.

5. A girl was found living with monkeys in the forest in northern India. It is definitely not as cool as “The Jungle Book” makes it look. More here.