News Roundup for December 19, 2016

Outspeak has everything you need to know this Monday:

1. Bana Alabed is amongst thousands of civilians who have been rescued Sunday night and Monday morning as evacuations resume out of Aleppo. More here.

2. Majority of Republican voters believe Donald Trump won the popular vote. Despite all evidence pointing to the contrary. We're beyond fake news and now we're just dealing with plain ignorance. This is the year common sense died. More here.

3. Faithless electors probably won't save us today and this is why we can't have nice things. Seriously, isn't this why the electoral college exists? More here.

4. The trailer for Blade Runner 2049 has arrived and it looks like a monumental return to the science fiction classic. Watch the trailer and get hyped. More here.

5. A new report from Statistics Canada shows that almost 1.1 million teens have fallen victim to cyberbullying or cyberstalking. Social media really is making us awful isn't it? More here.