News Roundup for February 24, 2017

One of our best yet, if we do say so ourselves.

1. Malaysian police revealed that Kim Jong Nam was killed with an internationally banned chemical weapon. Further proof we are now living in some sort of science fiction universe. More here.

2. President Trump sees a huge difference between medical and recreational use of marijuana. Sean Spicer connected smoking weed to the opiate crisis… so there’s that. More here.

3. Alphabet’s Waymo is suing Uber saying that the company stole their technology for automated cars. Between this and the allegations of sexual harassment Uber isn’t having a good week. More here.

4. The Guatemalan army is blocking access to a Dutch abortion service boat. More here.

5. Philippine senator, Leila de Lima, who branded President Duterte a “serial killer” has been arrested on drug trafficking charges. Nothing to see here, folks, nothing to see here. More here.