News Roundup for February 27, 2017

Did we shift out of the darkest timeline after last night’s Oscars ceremony?

1. Moonlight won the Oscar for Best Picture after La La Land was initially declared the winner. Finally, Marissa Tomei is vindicated. More here.

2. Trump’s choice for Navy secretary withdrew his name from consideration for the post, citing privacy and business concerns. We’re sure this will be labeled “fake news”. More here.

3. Sean Spicer is trying to crack down on White House leaks and is pushing for random phone checks. Obviously this information has leaked and Spicer has blown it. More here.

4. Chance the Rapper paid for all the tickets to Get Out in the Chatham Theatre in Chicago yesterday so people would go see it. We’d do the same if we were flush with cash, the movie is important and you should go see it. More here.

5. Trump will not be attending the White House correspondents dinner. Sad! ...But seriously, this shows how sour his relationship with the press is and that is worrying. More here.