News Roundup for January 4, 2017

Alright 2017, get on with it.

1. Mark Zuckerberg wants 2017 to be the year he visits every state and speaks to the people. This and his recent acceptance of religion is pointing to a future presidential run. Facebook has been his propaganda machine all along. More here.

2. More than 150 Philippine prisoners escaped during a two-hour shoot out in Kidapawan. Officials think the gunmen are associated with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, also known as the MILF. More here.

3. A cannabis activist group, DCMJ, will be handing out 4,200 joints to the audience at Trump's inauguration, which is perfectly legal, intending everyone to light up in protest at the 4 minutes and 20 second mark of Trump's speech. Trump was really hoping it would be cocaine. More here.

4. More than 100 people have been injured after a subway train in Brooklyn derailed. No injuries were serious. This is 2017 trying not be a complete dickhead. More here.

5. Trump hates his intelligence agencies. Not a good way to begin their relationship. More here.