News Roundup for January 31, 2017

Well, we're beyond the point of satire now.

1. 250 national civil rights and education groups have signed a letter opposing Betsy DeVos as the next US Secretary of Education. But Trump can't read so... Read the letter here.

2. The Boy Scouts will now allow all boys, trans or cis, to join their ranks. No joke, this is fantastic news. More here.

3. Acting Attorney General Sally Yates has been fired by President Trump. Apparently if you're not a yes-man or a white supremacist there's no room for you. More here.

4. Austria is planning to ban burkas and niqabs in public spaces. Mirroring bans already in place in France. The world needs to stop retreating inward. More here.

5. Democrats boycott the senate in order to block two Trump cabinet nominees. This seems like they finally have the right idea. More here.