News Roundup for July 11, 2017

Donny boy, Donny boy. Ya blew it.

1. The cop who killed Philando Castile is getting $48,500 to leave the force. How much more salt can the justice system rub on this wound? More here.

2. A U.S. Army sergeant was been charged with assisting ISIS. Guys, the call was coming from inside the house. More here.

3. Donald Trump Jr. has hired Alan Futerfas as his lawyer after it was revealed that Trump knowingly took a meeting during the 2016 election with a Russian attorney to scoop up dirt on Hillary Clinton. Futerfas has a reputation for representing notorious crime families. More here.

4. 58% of right-leaning Americans think college is ruining the country, according to a Pew Research survey. Says it all really. More here.

5. Quote of the day: “We are basically annihilating the life on our planet and that is the only known life we know about in the entire universe.” We have 20 years to sort our shit out. More here.

BONUS: In an attempt to clear the air surrounding the allegations of collusion, Donald Trump Jr. posted his email exchanges regarding his meeting with a Russian attorney. It’s really only made things worse for him. More here.