News Roundup for July 21, 2017

Though blurred, this is the face of sorrow.
Though blurred, this is the face of sorrow.

Watch out UK kids, there will be no selling lemonade on Britain’s streets…. Happy Friday!

1. Thousands took to the streets in Poland to protest the politicizing of their supreme court. The E.U. is watching the developments closely. More here.

2. Trump is looking for ways to pardon himself and his family in the Russian investigation. His family probably regrets getting involved in their dad’s presidency. More here.

3. Since society loves lauding aggressive men, we get to look forward to an OJ publicity tour once he’s released. That, or he’ll be shunned to the back corner of a mall signing autographs for misogynists until he dies. More here.

4. Chester Bennington, frontman of Linkin Park, committed suicide at 41. RIP. More here.

5. China has banned Justin Bieber from performing there due to his ‘bad behaviour’. Can we do the same? More here.

Video of the day: An SNL writer has been responding to Trump’s tweets as if they were personal texts and it’s fab. Check it out below.