News Roundup for July 24, 2017

It’s Monday and Donald Trump’s presidency is still on fire.

1. Another victim of human trafficking found in a truck in San Antonio, Texas has died. This brings the death toll to ten. More here.

2. Oh, can we please just let the non-issue of Hillary’s already investigated emails go?! This is a distraction and nothing more. More here.

3. 29 people are dead after a car bomb attack in Kabul, Afghanistan. The attack was claimed by the Taliban. More here.

4. A nine-year-old boy has been in HIV remission for eight and a half years without drugs. Scientists plan to use his rare case, the third in the world, to learn more about how they can improve and stop treatments for other patients. More here.

5. Jared Kushner will testify before the Senate intelligence committee today. He had four separate meetings with Russian officials during the campaign, but claims he never attempted to collude. Yeah… right. More here.