News Roundup for July 25, 2017

Here’s your news. Don’t stop the beat.

1. Are the Russians supplying the Taliban with arms? Looks likely, but we still need to be friends with them, right? More here.

2. Trump blasted Jeff Sessions on Twitter this morning. Once again proving that he values loyalty over competence or morality. Really good trait to have in the leader of the free world… More here.

3. A Texas truck driver caught smuggling 10 undocumented immigrants (who later died) could face the death penalty. His defence? Claiming ignorance to the nature of his cargo. More here.

4. Two former Canadian sect leaders have been found guilty of practicing polygamy in Canada. Seems about right. More here.

5. John McCain returns to the Senate after his brain cancer diagnosis to join the fight to potentially remove health care for millions of Americans. That’s a brutal irony. More here.

In case you missed it, Sean Spicer has resigned and we’re gonna miss our spicey homeboy.