News Roundup for July 31, 2017

Our cyber-attacks will blot out the sun.
Our cyber-attacks will blot out the sun.

Happy Monday, fam.

1. The majority of Americans would describe the Trump presidency as “chaos”. The majority of Americans also did not vote for Trump… so that’s where we’re at. More here.

2. America sent supersonic bombers over the Korean Peninsula in response to North Korea’s missile test. The American planes were joined by fighter jets from Japan and South Korea in a show of solidarity. More here.

3. Putin is cutting U.S. diplomatic staff in Russia by 755 workers in reaction to new sanctions against Russia. Trump’s really improved those U.S.-Russia relations with his BFF. More here.

4. Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro declared a sweeping victory over the weekend. Protesters and dissenters call the vote a sham. 10 people were killed over the weekend in protests across the country. More here.

5. Playwright, actor, and director Sam Shepard has passed away. Here’s a great profile on him.

Video of the day: Teen Vogue’s Editor in Chief, Elaine Welteroth, is dope.