News Roundup for June 14, 2017

Today’s news is tomorrow’s blues.

1. Six people lost their lives in one of the worst fires London has seen in decades. Reports say that the building’s smoke alarms did not activate and people escaping were banging on doors to alert their neighbours. More here.

2. Jeff Sessions did not say much yesterday, but here is what you need to know from the hearing. Also, fuck Jeff Sessions.

3. Five people have been injured in a shooting in Virginia, including a GOP congressman. They were training for a charity baseball game. The suspect died in the hospital after police shot him at the scene. More here.

4. Trump has blocked a veterans group and Stephen King on Twitter. Good to see he is focusing on the important things and not being petty. More here.

5. Uber board member, David Bonderman, made a sexist comment at a staff meeting regarding sexual harassment. Look’s like scandals are Uber’s new favorite passenger. More here.