News Roundup for June 16, 2017

Rejoice! The work week is over.

1. Trump plans to roll back Obama’s reforms on U.S.-Cuba relations. Say goodbye to any progress we made over the last eight years. More here.

2. The U.S. is sending 4,000 troops to Afghanistan, reminding us it’s not only Russia who sticks their nose where it doesn’t belong. This doesn’t sound like something the Trump administration can handle. More here.

3. Facebook plans to use artificial intelligence to fight “terrorist content”. It’s unclear what exactly they mean by this but we assume there will be an AI dedicated to scrubbing the site for Pepe memes. More here.

4. A Russian lobbyist has claimed he attended two separate dinners during the 2016 presidential election that were hosted by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. I mean, we already knew Sessions was full of shit but this has got to be a smoking gun, right? More here.

5. Indigenous groups are calling on the U.N. to make cultural appropriation illegal. But, how will young, white, rich pop-stars and festival attendees look cool? More here.