News Roundup for June 19, 2017

So this weekend was a little nuts, eh?

1. In Virginia, a 17-year-old Muslim girl was murdered by a man as she returned to her mosque. The police are not investigating it as a hate crime. We are left wondering what constitutes a hate crime in Virginia. More here.

2. London experienced another terror attack when a man drove his truck into a group of people near a mosque. One person is dead and 10 are injured from the attack. More here.

3. The U.S. shot down a Syrian warplane after it dropped bombs near Syrian Democratic Force fighters on Sunday. Russia sternly warned the U.S. as they support Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Tensions are rising. More here.

4. Iran followed-through on their promise to retaliate to recent terror attacks by ISIS in Tehran by launching a missile attack targeting ISIS forces in eastern Syria. It is the first time the country has fired missiles at another country in 30 years. More here.

5. Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial (a crime that he pretty much admitted and had 60 women come forward) ended in mistrial. Justice has failed. More here.

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