News Roundup for June 20, 2017

It’s Tuesday, newsday.

1. Sean Spicer is searching for his replacement as press secretary. People don’t seem to be interested according to Politico. More here.

2. The Mexican government is being accused of spying on journalists and their families. Corruption in Mexico? No way. More here.

3. Democrats brought the Senate to a standstill in an attempt to stop Trumpcare. The livestream of the filibuster was infuriating. Republicans are looking to push the bill through without a single amendment. More here.

4. Otto Warmbier has passed away less than a week after being released by North Korea to U.S. authorities. Something doesn’t add up about his death. More here.

5. Marine Le Pen’s father wants her to step down as leader of the National Front, saying she is more harm to the party after her loss to Macron. We’re not going to disagree, but this leaves us feeling a little conflicted. More here.