News Roundup for June 27, 2017

The news isn’t quite on fire but it may as well be.

1. Immigrant soldiers who fought for the United States may be deported now that the Pentagon is cancelling their contracts and knowingly putting them at risk. Great job! More here.

2. Trump has tarnished the image of the U.S. abroad. Who could have seen this coming? More here.

3. Theresa May has formed a government with the anti-women, anti-choice, extra conservative D.U.P. We’d say she sold her soul but it’s not like she ever had one to begin with. More here.

4. Support for gay marriage is at its highest ever, even among conservatives. So maybe all the bakeries should just bake all the cakes, yeah? More here.

5. The E.U. has fined Google $2.72 billion for unfair practices such as favoring their own products over others in their search engine. Google may be watching us but the E.U. is watching them right back. Everyone’s watching everyone, essentially. More here.