News Roundup for June 28, 2017

It’s a wall, alright.
It’s a wall, alright.

Every day there’s more news. When will it end?

1. Three Chicago police have been indicted in Laquan McDonald’s shooting death, which involved him being shot 16 times. Hopefully there will be justice this time. More here.

2. A rogue police helicopter attacked Venezuela’s supreme court. Grenades were dropped and guns fired. Nobody was killed. More here.

3. The GOP will not vote for the health care bill this week. Support has reportedly been hovering around a dismal 17%. More here.

4. Roger Stone, a long-serving associate to Donald Trump, will testify about Russia, because reasons. More here.

5. The Trump administration is getting border wall prototypes drawn up. I guess today is not the day they’re gonna throw it back at Trump. More here.