News Roundup for June 8, 2017

News Comeys and news goeys.

1. James Comey’s opening statement began with the explosive testimony that the White House is guilty of defamation and lying. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! More here.

2. Uber has fired the executive who illegally held a rape victims medical records. Uber’s troubles are never ending. But they’re cheaper than taxis so it’s okay to keep using it, right? More here.

3. Iraqi Kurds have set a date for an independence referendum. If the expected “Yes” vote occurs, it is unclear what exactly will happen from there. More here.

4. Reality Leigh Winner, 25, a government contractor who leaked classified documents from the National Security Agency to the press, is pleading not guilty. More here.

5. Black troops have been found more likely to receive discrimination than their white counterparts. Another day, another report about institutional racism. More here.