News Roundup for June 9, 2017

The weekend is almost here, folks.

1. Conservatives in the U.K. lost their outright majority in yesterday’s vote, but Theresa May is still clinging to power by forming a surprising minority government with Northern Ireland’s DUP. More here.

2. The GOP are standing behind Trump after James Comey’s testimony. Paul Ryan has excused Trump’s actions by saying, “He’s new at this”. Excuse us while we vomit pure rage. More here.

3. Two U.S. citizens have been accused of being Hezbollah double agents. This can only go well once Trump hears about it. More here.

4. ISIS have claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing which killed 30 people in Karbala, Iraq. They are using Ramadan as an excuse to murder people. They are scum. More here.

5. Britney Spears’ Instagram may be being used by Russian hackers to share covert messages. Yep, don’t know what else to tell you really. It’s a thing. More here.