News Roundup for March 1, 2017

Let’s not commend President Trump for reading off a teleprompter for an hour without inciting hatred. It’s time to get real.

1. President Trump wants a new government agency to deal specifically with crimes committed by immigrants. He’s trying to institutionalize racism. More here.

2. The FBI were going to pay former MI6 agent Christopher Steele for his dossier on Trump. That is, before it became a Buzzfeed viral hit. Is there still nothing to those Russia allegations, Sean Spicer? More here.

3. Barack and Michelle Obama have signed book deals. It seems the power couple will be returning as political voices sooner than we may have anticipated. More here.

4. Let’s fact check President Trump’s speech from last night. Book off some time for this, it’s a doozy. More here.

5. Oprah might run for President thanks to Donald Trump. Everyone gets a free White House! More here.