News Roundup for March 16, 2017

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1. Syria’s civil war is in its sixth year, with no sign of letting up. Suicide bombers killed over two dozen people yesterday. Anyone who argues ‘pro-life’ rhetoric and does not want to help refugees fleeing horrors like this should seriously check themselves and their values. More here.

2. The Dutch voted against the far right candidate Geert Wilders in their recent election. There’s hope yet. More here.

3. The air pollution China saw in 2013 was caused by melting ice changing air patterns. Meanwhile Donald Trump is looking to slash the EPA’s budget by a third. More here.

4. Jeff Sessions thinks marijuana and heroin are the same. This makes sense as the whole Trump team seems to think it’s appropriate to replace facts with feelings. More here.

5. Police are looking for the generous soul who left a cooler full of marijuana at a Goodwill in Monroe, Washington. Word is still out on whether or not it was Snoop Dogg. More here.