News Roundup For March 17, 2017

News for Saint Patrick’s Day. Have a pint on us (but not really).

1. Rex Tillerson is going to get us all killed. Donald Trump thinks North Korea has been behaving “badly”. More here.

2. Does Michael Flynn work for Russia now? He certainly has no issues taking cash from them. More here.

3. ICE are stalking courthouses to target undocumented immigrants. A California judge wants them to stop. There’s an odd cartoony villainy afoot. More here.

4. Thousands signed a petition to strip Congress of their healthcare subsidies if they continue to work on bills which will strip millions of Americans of theirs. That’s some hardcore people’s justice at work. More here.

5. A true cameraman never leaves his equipment behind. Even when a volcano is erupting beside him. Massive respect to the BBC. More here.