News Roundup for March 21, 2017

Ya news, ya lose.

1. Ivanka Trump is getting her own office in the White House. Although she won’t be a government employee, which directly contradicts President Trump’s claims on the campaign trail. What a surprise... More here.

2. Sinn Féin politician, Martin McGuinness has died. McGuinness was instrumental in negotiating the Good Friday Agreement which brought peace to Northern Ireland. More here.

3. Large electronics have been banned on flights to the US from Muslim majority countries. So next time you think about flying with your LED TV as a carry on, think again. More here.

4. YouTube has apologized for labelling LGBTQ videos as restricted, saying it was an error. Ya blew it, YouTube. More here.

5. AI can now identify racist code words used online. This means AI is now reading at a more advanced level than POTUS. More here.