News Roundup for March 23, 2017

Does Donald Trump think he can see the future?

1. The bumble bee is officially an endangered species in the US. Buzz off, extinction. More here.

2. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the terror attack in London yesterday. Eight people have been arrested in connection to the atrocity. More here.

3. AT&T and Johnson & Johnson are the latest companies to pull their ads from YouTube over concerns of placement and content. They’re sick and tired of baby powder ads airing before live Insane Clown Posse concerts. More here.

4. Canada is investing $2 billion in a climate disaster mitigation fund. The country’s federal budget was announced yesterday, and, unlike its American counterpart, it’s not insane. More here.

5. India becomes the second country to give bodies of water human status. They’re not crazy, they’re giving the best protection to the thing that keeps us alive. You wouldn’t shit in a human would you? So don’t shit in bodies of water. More here.