News Roundup for March 28, 2017

Now you can read a single line of text and still be informed. Yay!

1. Trump is set to change how the US approaches climate change. We didn’t like the icebergs anyway… More here.

2. Flint is to get clean, uncontaminated water paid for by the state. It only took two years of poisoning and it’s only coming in 2020. More here.

3. 62 miles of border wall will cost $1 billion. But rumor has it that one inch of Trump dong will cost you $2 billion. More here.

4. Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, was jailed after protests. Everything’s always chill in Russia. More here.

5. James Harris Jackson, the US Army veteran who murdered Timothy Caughman in New York City last week, has had his charges upgraded to a terrorist attack as he had planned on killing as many black men as possible. A white man committing a terrorist attack in America? We thought that was impossible... More here.