News Roundup for March 3, 2017

It’s going to be OK*, the weekend’s almost here. *Things may not actually be OK.

1. Mike Pence’s personal email - which he used for work while governor of Indiana - was hacked. So when is the FBI investigation happening? More here.

2. President Trump is has spoken out to say that Jeff Sessions has done nothing wrong. He then connected the reaction to the news to the 2016 presidential election results because, as we know, they are all that matter. More here.

3. Nearly 250 people have died in floods in Zimbabwe since December in areas that were previously affected by massive drought. The country is calling for international aid. More here.

4. Apple and IBM are among 53 companies who are urging the Supreme Court to rule in favor of a transgender teenager using the boys’ bathroom at his Virginia high school. This is how you use your power for good. More here.

5. Here’s a cool video of dust devils forming of the surface of Mars. You’ll need to know more about Mars for our eventual move there. More here.