News Roundup For March 31, 2017

1. Mike Flynn is willing to testify against Trump in the Russia investigations for immunity. Shit is getting real guys. What crime is he worried about getting charged with? More here.

2. Trump isn’t interested in removing Assad from power in Syria. Probably wants to be his friend too. More here.

3. SpaceX saw success in launching and landing a used rocket. Where the hell do you get a used rocket? More here.

4. In a move criticized by the UN, Israel approved a settlement camp on Palestinian land. This is the first settlement in over 20 years and hopefully not a sign of bad things to come. More here.

5. A man in Nova Scotia is being charged with human trafficking, the first charge of its kind since the law was introduced in 2005. Proof that everyone with a manbun is a flagrant asshole. More here.